Friendly apartments

We really want to offer our guests a warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere when they finally arrive to their well-reserved vacation and to capture that feeling and take it home with them as a nice memory of the summer in Croatia. Therefore, we have created a FRIENDLY programme which is –

Kids friendly – available with previous notice: kids bed (cod), highchair, potty, toilet seat extension etc. We also have KIDS CORNER for our youngest guests with puzzles, games, picture books, coloring books, crayons, various toys for children of different ages, little table and chairs. Free of charge, of course!  And as a special treat we have a little wooden boat 'parked' under a fig tree in the yard. So, in one moment, while waiting for the afternoon swim in the sea, boys and girls can become fearless pirates or Peter Pan's Lost Boys or....whatever they can dream of!

Pet friendly – with previous notice and 5 euros a day additional charge, your pets can enjoy in the apartment with you. Porat is certainly not lacking in places for walking and playing with your pets. Whether you like walking along the sea, or follow a path through the woods, or you prefer olive groves, your pet will certainly enjoy this beautiful nature. If your pet is a true tourist and enjoys swimming in the sea, there are some wonderful beaches, only 200 to 300 meters from the central beach. (link....)

Food & wine friendly – the spirit of every country is shown in specific food and drinks. We provide free material and information about wine producers, autochthonous wine sorts ( such as žlahtina and sansigot), or traditional food, such as šurlice (, or restaurants, pršut (prosciutto)from Krk (, family farms, domestic foods and products fairs, olive oil, goat cheese, picking and tasting asparagus and mushrooms etc. It is possible to arrange theme eno and gastro nights (traditions of the island of Krk and Croatia).

There is also a stone tavern at the back of the house, meant for our guests to use for relaxation and savouring all of the local products. You can use the fireplace, barbecue, open-fire grill (similar to Danish oven), gas grill, deep fryer, toaster, waffle maker. And it's fun to taste food and wine, grappa or refreshing homemade elderflower juice from the prow of the old wooden boat in the yard under the fig tree.

We are happy to offer fresh aromatic herbs to our guests (basil, rosemary, sage, marjoram, laurel, mint, etc.).

Handmade products friendly – if you want to take the scents (and tastes) of the summer back home with you, you can get original homemade souvenirs (little bags of lavender, candle holders, picture frames and all kinds of ornaments),or domestic products (marmalades, jams, homemade elderflower syrup, grappa, herbs etc.)

Photo friendly since your hostess is very passionate about photography, it's no surprise that you can find framed photos of seaside life all over the houseJ. We will be happy to share any information about interesting locations and sites which caught the eye of a photographer (sea, fishing nets, boats, cliffs, old olive groves, forests, dry stone walls, etc.). We would also be glad if you add some of your pictures to our gallery of photos from Porat and Krk (some photos are available at ).

Book friendly – one more interesting way of relaxation is certainly reading. That's why we created a small library with books in different languages. Borrowing books is completely free of charge and our guests like the idea so much that they started a nice, spontaneous tradition of leaving some of their books to us to improve our little library. Thank you, everyone, from the bottom of our heartsJ, we are very excited to see it grow!

Bike friendly - for all the people who enjoy healthy life, we have ensured places for bicycles on the covered parking lot. We also provide maps and prospects of the biking tours so that you can enjoy completely.

Boat friendly – if you love the waves and the open sea and you are coming by boat/powerboat/jet ski, we can contact Harbour Master's Office and help you arrange a berth for your vessel. Free of charge but with previous notice, please.