Location and history

Porat is a place of summer homes and a little harbour on the western part of Krk, opposite Malinska. Porat was well known by its port before the one in Malinska was built, as well as by the fishermen who were associated in fishermen’s companies not only from Porat but also from other places. Nowadays it is a quiet place with accommodation in apartments, or a destination of excursions.

As it is, after all, a fishermen's village, there are several very good restaurants on the beautiful promenade along the sea, such as taverns 'Porat' or 'Sidro' where you can taste, not only supreme fish and seafood but also various homegrown vegetables and vine from local vineyards. Specific primorje cuisine and warmth and hospitality of the local people are what make this place magical.

The taverns are located in the port which makes them available for nautical guests as well.


There is a central beach in Porat, with free showers, a restaurant, cafe and fast food. It is the center of day life and it's adjusted to families with children. If you need shade, there is a pine tree forest near the sea, only 50 meters from the central beach.

You can also find several coves along the promenade to Malinska, on the other side of the bay. We don't doubt for a second that you will find the one that you like.


For all of you who love walking, jogging or some similar activity, Porat offers a variety of pathways – along the sea (VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9auY_vg0br4&feature=iv&src_vid=saKWuK9p7qQ&annotation_id=annotation_1877174543 ) or through olive groves and old oak tree woods.

Sights and heritage

Porat developed around the Franciscan monastery built in 1480, which was sponsored by the Frankopan family. Here is also the Frankopan church of St. Mary Magdalene, next to which the monastery of Glagolitic Tertiaries was built. Nowadays it houses a museum with a sacral collection and with various utensils from the everyday life of this region.

One of the sights worth seeing is the votive cross, 1.2 km from the center on the highest point in the place. It is the symbol of faith and hope for the people who live here but also for all the travelers who visit Croatia and Krk.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6y5FU5kWOJo